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Ocean depth
1 August 2018
Autumn by the sunset
1 August 2018
WoodenCraft Design

Handmade Live edge Walnut river coffee table with tempered turquoise glass, blue resin and oak wooden legs.
Crazy project completed in positive mood will bring a lot of joy and nice moments with morning coffee on side. Cracks in the wood are filled with epoxy resin and luminescent powder that glows in the dark. We decided to leave cracks in the rings untouched and this effect underlined the fantastic beauty of the coffee table.
Wood was impregnated with hard oil wax based on natural oils. Hard oil wax creates a microporous coating that protects the wood while allowing it to breathe freely. This helps regulate moisture intake and helps to maintain a favourable microclimate in the interiors.
Hard oil wax effectively protects the wood against abrasion, dirt, coffee and water stains. The surface covered by hard oil wax is ecological, pleasant to the touch and easy to keep clean. It creates a durable coating that does not splice, crack or peel (completely different than any wood varnish). And in case of damage it is possible to local renovations without any problems.

Size EU: 86 cm length, 75 cm width, 44 cm height
Size US: 30 in length, 29,5 in width, 17 in height