How we make our tables?

We carefully select wood for each project. What matters here is its’ type, origin and quality. Each time in search of this perfect piece of wood, we travel hundreds of kilometers. So this means that we spend the whole day at the sawmill and we are selecting from among thousands of planks the perfect one. Thanks to this, each project we make is original and unique. So you will own an unrepeatable piece of furniture. Everything we make is handmade from the start to the finished product. Above all we have a creative approach to each project. Our priority is the selection and use of high-quality materials.

What distinguishes our furniture?

The main advantage of our projects is the filling of naturally appearing cracks. To do this we use high-quality epoxy resin. Most importantly it’s created using modern methods, thanks to which it achieves high resistance to UV rays. To obtain colour and effect that shines in the dark, the resin is mixed with a luminescent powder and a transparent dye. The main advantage of powder and dye is the increased ability to absorb light emission, thanks to which it shines stronger and longer. To sum up it’s non-toxic and significantly resistant to environmental conditions.

How we impregnate our furniture?

Each furniture is impregnated with hard oil wax or varnished at the client’s request. Hard oil wax creates a coating based on natural oils and waxes. Hard oil wax creates a microporous coating that protects the wood. In other words, it’s allowing it to breathe freely. This helps regulate the moisture intake and maintain a favorable microclimate in the interiors. Hard oil wax effectively protects the wood from abrasion, dirt, and stains from coffee, water, and even cola. Surface covered with hard oil wax is ecological, pleasant to touch and easy to keep clean. Creates a durable coating that does not bond, break or peel. Thanks to a wide range of choices, depending on your needs, we can achieve a gloss, semi-matt or matt effect.

What type of legs should you choose?

We carefully choose legs for each furniture to create a coherent product. We offer classic and timeless wooden legs, matching any type of interior, which, like tops, are impregnated with hard oil wax. And metal legs varnished or powder painted, which allows for a wide range of colours as well as polished stainless steel with mirror effect or brushed matte, scratch-resistant. Certainly, we are here to help you choose the right ones.

How do we meet the standards?

For our “river” type tables, we specially cut the glass to every project. The optimum thickness of the glass and its colour are selected for each table. Every glass is tempered. And thanks to this process, it meets all safety standards.