What are the latest trends in furniture design?

Wooden furniture for children’s room
27 January 2020

Photo by Dan Gold

Furniture designers still focus on minimalism. After years of splendour and walls covered with furniture, we are still impressed by the simple and often small elements of the decor of our apartments. Rounded shapes take the lead in furniture trends. They also appear among upholstered furniture. Both very puffy sofas and armchairs, as well as on the headboards. Among the dining and coffee tables are round shapes exerting a feeling of unity and community. The attention is also drawn to furniture with irregular shapes. They give the impression of extremely original pieces, uniquely decorating the interior.

What about recycled pieces?

Very popular is still the “eco” style. And this are all wooden furniture. Wood is an extremely graceful material. It brings nature to the apartment and makes us feel comfortable. Wood very warms the apartment and makes it extremely “homey” and cozy. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on our health. Also furniture that are at least partly recycled represent the “eco” style. And we are talking here about both an element or a furniture that has been given a second life. And it depends on us whether we leave them as they are or add some things, even in the form of new handles. These are extremely important elements of interior design, because they bring a piece of nature.  It is important that our interior is consistent. We should feel comfortable in it.

So which trend to apply in the apartment? [/ heading]

Let’s not go crazy. Not everyone likes the same thing and it’s really okay. Our apartments are a space in which we should feel at ease and in which we relax and regenerate. So let’s remember to arrange them according to our beliefs. We treat furniture trends as a suggestion that we do not necessarily have to take into account.

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