Wooden furniture for children’s room

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27 January 2020
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28 January 2020

Photo by Josh Hemsley

We don’t put as much attention to anything as to happiness and safety of our children. We try our best to make our kids’ corner an ideal place that fulfills several functions at the same time. It’s a must to remember to find a place to play. And in addition for older ones also some space for studying. But above all also a spot to relax. For instance a child’s room can consist of many modular constructions that will fulfill different functions as our kid changes and grows up.

What should children’s furniture consist of?


When arranging our children’s room, we must first and foremost take care of their health and safety. Unfortunately, furniture boards so popular today are manufactured using many ingredients that do not have a positive effect on our health. They do not particularly serve allergy sufferers, and the formaldehyde contained in them can contribute to health problems. In addition, such furniture wears quickly and is not suitable for renovation. And, consequently, even if we buy any, we will not able to change even their color. In contrast, any damage makes it impossible to resell and we are forced to buy new ones. Above all, wood is an excellent base for many products. Will be great, especially if our child is allergic. Wooden furniture, even if damaged, can be easily renovated.

What finishing we recommend?

For the children’s room, we especially recommend furniture covered with hard oil-wax. This coating means that the wood retains its natural properties. The pores of the wood are not blocked, and at the same time it becomes resistant to dirt and stains from drinks. In adition even with other dirt, it is possible to locally sand it down and re-oil the surface.

What to do when the furniture don’t suit our interior anymore?


Above all wooden furniture can easily be transformed, which will change them beyond recognition. We can change our furniture by changing the color or decorative elements. And those are knobs or finishing strips. As a result we give our furniture a completely different character. In other words we must remember that wood is a very grateful material. And the furniture made of it will serve us for many years and even generations.

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