Furniture from the store or custom-made?

Wooden furniture for children’s room
27 January 2020

Photo by Vadim Sherbakov

When we are at the stage of arranging our house, we take an inspiration from various sources. First, we browse through magazines, look for information on the Internet and in interior design forums. And while shopping, we often visit furniture stores and chain stores. We search for the perfect items that will become our property. Then comes the moment when we will decide what we really need. What kind of furniture, and especially how they should ultimately look.

So what should I do next?

At this stage we often encounter the difficulties of arranging a house. Because everything that is available in the store immediately turns out that either the color does not meet our requirements or simply the size is not right. However it is this moment that makes us aware that this is not the right way. And we are starting to look for companies and people who will make a furniture to order that will meet our needs. We need to do a good reseach while looking for the contractor.

What to choose – ready furniture or custom made?


Often, furniture available immediately at stores are cheaper and unfortunately, are also of poor quality. Furniture finishing products such as hinges, handles and drawer guides come from the cheapest companies. And thus their quality is very poor. In addition, the material from which the furniture was made is not always of good quality. And the finish of the furniture can also be poor. There are shortcomings and a lack of attention to detail. In the case of custom-made furniture, we are sure about the origin of the material and its quality. We also agree with the contractor what products we want to use to finish the furniture. Hinges or guides of what company. And also the method of finishing the furniture. There are several of them and with the help of a professional we can easily determine which method will be most beneficial for us.

What options do I get?


The possibilities when ordering furniture to size are very wide. The only limit is our imagination. Because often in the case of custom-made furniture, designers’ pearls are created. Most importantly such furniture please our eyes for many years. Always remember that no matter how much you plan to spend on your furniture, this is an investment for many years. And in addition it will pay off through its functionality, finish and of course design. We don’t want a piece of furniture that will bother us or that will soon wear out.

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